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1. Copyright, Licenses and Idea Submissions.

www.askdatas.com is the owner of trademarks and copyrights of all the content appearing on the site, the content is confined by international trademark and copyright laws. The third party licensors or other associates are not allowed to Copy, Alter, Post, Broadcast, Replicate, Upload, Republish or allocate the material available on the site in any way. The affiliates may not use the material on the site including Graphics, Software, Text or Code.

For non-commercial use one can use material from diverse sections on the site, may download and print sections of the material on the site with agreement of not altering or erase any copyright or unincorporated notices from the resources. If you are using the resources from the site you should agree to donate to www.askdatas.com a worldwide perpetual license, royalty-free, to broadcast, issue, reproduce, create copied works, openly display or openly execute any resources and other information, including ideas limited therein for new or better services and products you send to any public sections of the site (for ex newsgroups, forum or bulletin boards) through e-mail to www.askdatas.com by all ways and in any other medium now recognized or developed henceforth.

You also have to donate to www.askdatas.com the authority to use resources, your name in connection with surrendered resources or any other information related with marketing, advertising or promotional resources. You also give consent for no choice against www.askdatas.com for actual or assumed breach or misuse of any proprietary right in your interactions to ww.waskdatas.com.


Exclusive trademarks or service marks of www.askdatas.com are the products, content, publications or services that are suggested on the site. In other way the product and company names referred on the site may be the brand or trademark of their relevant owners.

2. Use of the Site.

www.askdatas.com except for services, information or products is supplied by the site, and it does not promote, manage or function any information, products or services in any manner on the internet. Generally third parties offer all information, services or products on the site through internet which is not associated with www.askdatas.com.

You understand that, except for information, products or services clearly identified as being supplied by www.askdatas.com, www.askdatas.com does not operate, control or endorse any information, products or services on the Internet in any way. Except for www.askdatas.com - identified information, products or services, all information, products and services offered through the Site or on the Internet generally are offered by third parties, which are not affiliated with www.askdatas.com.

Users should also take into consideration that www.askdatas.com is not responsible for infected sites, it does not assure or justify that downloaded files from the site are free from worms, Trojan horses, virus or free from bug or other code that is obvious for contaminating or having critical properties. User is accountable for executing sufficient checkpoints and actions to convince your specific needs for exact data input and output and also maintain external resource to the site for rebuilding of any missing information.

You presume complete accountability and threat for your utilization of the internet and the site. The site www.askdatas.com offers relevant information and the required site "as it is" and it does not communicate warranties, advertisements or illustrations whatsoever (without limitation warranties is also included, non infringement, title or indirect warranties of product strength for a specific purpose) and also no warranties with regards to any product information or services offered on the internet. www.askdatas.com will not be accountable for any damage caused directly or indirectly from any such business. Users will be responsible and they have to estimate the accuracy, totality and convenience of all judgment, recommendation, services, products and other related information offered via services on the internet. www.askdatas.com is not responsible for error or interrupted service; we do not warrant that services will be corrected under such circumstances.

Internet contains sexually explicit or unedited resources which might seem offensive to the users, it is the pure nature of the internet and accessing such resources is at user’s risk. www.askdatas.com has no direct control and admits no accountability whatsoever for such resources.


www.askdatas.com is not liable for any indecent event, supplementary, substantial or indirect damages (inclusive of loss or profit, loss of program, transaction interruption etc) occurring out of failure to use the service or any business or any information offered on the site or any such information downloaded from the service or even delay in getting information.

www.askdatas.com or its certified representatives have been recommended of the likelihood of such harm or any maintenance applied to errors, or other factual errors in the service, lapse of resources downloaded from the service. Some states do not permit the omission or check of danger for important or minor loss, the above omission may not be applicable to the user. www.askdatas.com's legal responsibility is limited in such states permitted by law.

www.askdatas.com creates no image whatsoever about other website which you may contact through links to this site. When users access non www.askdatas.com site, take into consideration that it is an autonomous website and has no power over the material on the website. Any site linked with www.askdatas.com does not mean the endorsement is carried by the site and is not liable for any responsibility for the material on the site.

3. Indemnification.

Users agree to assure, hold and guard harmless www.askdatas.com directors, agents, licensors, employees, suppliers, officers and any third party resource providers to the service from and against all damage, loss, cost, and operating cost inclusive of logical attorney's charge consequential from any infringement of this agreement by the user or any other person using the service.

4. Third Party Rights.

The requirements of 2nd and 3rd paragraphs are meant for the benefit of officers, agents, directors, suppliers, employees, licensors or the third party information supplier of www.askdatas.com. The individuals and units have the right to declare and impose those requirements directly in your opposition on its own.

5. Termination.

Without any prior notice the agreement can be aborted/ended by either of the party for different reasons. The condition of 1 (Copyright, Licenses and Idea Submission) ,2nd (Use of Services) ,3rd(Indemnification) 4th (Third Party) and 6th ( Miscellaneous) shall sustain any extinction of this agreement.


www.askdatas.com's crash to persist upon or impose severe performance of any condition of this agreement/contract shall not be interpreted as a waiver of any right or condition. Nor any trade practice neither the course of conduct shall work to change any condition of this contract. www.askdatas.com may allocate its rights and duties under this contract to any party at any time without any prior notice to the user.

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